Ocean City

Ocean City is a resort city that is located in Worcester County, Maryland. It covers an area of thirty-six square miles and has a population of seven thousand residents. This city can trace its history to the mid-nineteenth century, when the entire area was owned by Thomas Fenwick. In 1869, Isaac Coffin, a businessman, erected the first cottage on the beach for paying guests. Not long after, other boarding houses were built. The area at this time was known as The Ladies Resort. In 1875, the first major hotel was built, The Atlantic Hotel. It contained over four hundred rooms and had dance halls and billiard rooms. Six years later, a rail line was built across Sinepuxent Bay and directly into the city.

The city then began to experience a period of fast expansion after World War II. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge was completed in 1952, and gave easy access to Ocean City from residents living in the Baltimore and Washington area. During the 1960s, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was completed and offered yet another way into the city. During the 1970s, construction in the city boomed and more than ten thousand condo units were built.

A popular attraction in Ocean City is the Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum. This museum contains odd items which include the world’s rarest egg, two headed animals and unusual works of art. It has twelve themed galleries which contain over five hundred exhibits, curiosities and oddities. The most recognizable landmark in the entire city is the Ocean City Boardwalk. This boardwalk was constructed by several hotel owners who put their heads together and constructed a wooden walkway for their guests convenience. This first boardwalk was rolled up at high tide and put away. In 1910, a permanent one was built and it ran for five blocks. This was destroyed in 1962 by a storm and a new one was built that was two and a half miles long. One of the features of the boardwalk is the Inlet Indian. This wooden indian was carved by Peter Toth and given to the people of Maryland in 1976. Peter Toth has since given wooden totems to all fifty states of the United States. The Pier Building was built in 1926 and is two stories high. The top floor once contained a dance room.¬†Other features of the boardwalk include the United States Coast Guard Tower, Trimpers Carousel (this carousel has been in continuous operation since it was installed in 1912), Atlantic Hotel, The Lankford Hotel, Beach Plaza Hotel, Commander Hotel, Harrison Hall Hotel, Santa Maria Hotel, Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum and the Seascape Motel.

Other attractions in the city include Ocean City Beach, Pirate Adventures, Bag Boutique, 59th Street Pier, 7th Street Beach, Snicklefritz Reef, Sherman Ave Beach and The Wedge Beach. Ocean City also has a number of popular restaurants which include Angler Restaurant, Harrison’s Harbor Watch, Seacrets Resort, Marina Deck Restaurant, Phillips Crab House, Embers Restaurant and Crab Alley.